‘Tis The Season…..

The holidays are billed as a joyful season filled with family and friends. But for many, the holidays are a very difficult time. They are a reminder of another year gone by without meeting that special someone. Another series of parties to attend with no “plus one”. Another year of family gatherings spent talking to siblings’ spouses and playing with siblings’ children. Another year of bracing for the dreaded “When are you going to settle down?” conversation with well-meaning relatives.

Dating is hard. Dating is frustrating. Dating is discouraging. But there is hope. Like any other circumstance where you feel stuck and stagnant, you can breathe new life into the experience by looking at it in a different way. A new insight, a shift in perspective, a new understanding can make all the difference to a process that has become practiced and repetitive.

Dating Boot Camp can offer that shift in experience. Join with other frustrated daters to explore your relational patterns from a deeper level of awareness. Get honest feedback about how you present yourself to the world. Take a closer look at who you attract and who you are attracted to. Understand the roots of your belief systems and how they impact your interactions with others. Find peace and acceptance with who you are, flaws and all, so others can too.

Instead of being a victim of the dating scene, take control of your relationship life so that this time next year, you can give thanks and enjoy all the merriment of the holiday season. You deserve it.


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