Dating Boot Camp 2

The second session of Dating Boot Camp is underway! In the first and second weeks, participants examined the very early stages of getting to know each other. In Week 1, we discussed the utility and limiting qualities of snap judgements and first impressions. Then, we deepened the interactions and explored the process of how we get to know each other. Then we deepened in a bit further to compare and contrast the experience of superficial data gathering with the sharing or more intimate information. In the second week, participants processed the feedback and reactions they received from each other from the previous week. The theme of interpersonal vulnerability was explored as members challenged themselves to share in new and different ways. The group agreed that, even though it is difficult and scary, the experience of being more open is more satisfying and leads to a greater sense of connection. Stay tuned for more updates as members look at how they present themselves to the world, why they fit or don’t fit with particular people and whether or not what they are looking for in a partner is indeed what they need. Happy dating!


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