Dating Boot Camp 2: Week 3 Update

This week Boot Campers critiqued each others’ dating profiles. They took full advantage of the opportunity to ask each other for feedback and advice. Everyone from friends to family has advice about what should and shouldn’t go into a dating profile. It was great to see participants be able to go to the source (i.e., other daters) to ask questions, dispel myths and share their reactions to what they see in their search for a partner. There was a lot of fruitful discussion about level of detail to include, what to do with the drop-down menu options, I.D. names and, of course, pictures. It was interesting to see how different people had different reactions to things which, seems  to support the idea that you need to be true to who you are to attract someone who will fit with that truth. I look forward to more lively discussion next week as we explore the notion that what we think we want in a partner may not be what we need.

Happy dating!


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