Dating Boot Camp 2: Week 4 Update

This week Boot Campers examined their ideas of what they want in a partner. We ranked personality characteristics in order of importance but also looked at how appealing each trait was. It was interesting to see that sometimes what is important isn’t always the most appealing and vice-versa. Participants played with the notion of making trade-offs in relationships and confronted the issue of physical attractiveness as an influential factor.

As they prepare to go on their practice date in the next week, members had a lively discussion about common issues that come up on the dating scene such as:

  • whether dinner or something less involved makes more sense for a first date
  • is it offensive for the woman to offer (or NOT offer) to split the check on a first date
  • the benefits and drawbacks of the woman initiating a first date
  • given how broad the dating field can be, to what extent is it helpful to make assumptions about character based on small amounts of demographic information
  • what are the best ways/places to meet people

I look forward to hearing about the practice dates in our final meeting next week. In this last group, we will also explore the idea of “fit”. Participants will look at who they click with and why and whether the fireworks we all seem to want are always a good thing.

Until then, happy dating!



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