Dating Boot Camp 2: Final Week Update

The second round of Dating Boot Camp is in the books! In the last meeting, members processed their dating assignments and shared how their experience was influenced by what they’ve been learning in DBC. They also explored their own relational style and how that manifested in past relationships and reflected family patterns. We talked about how to attract the right people and heightened awareness of ways that each member keeps themselves stuck. We wrapped up by offering final observations about each person’s dating strengths and liabilities and a bit of advice to take home. All in all, DBC 2 was a great success! With a bittersweet good-bye, group members parted ways with the intention to stay connected and continue to support each other through what can be a very challenging process. I will be checking in with them in a few months to see how things are going.

I am currently enrolling for the next DBC. I have time to run two more groups before the summer hiatus and have openings for men and women across the age spectrum.

Happy dating!


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