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Dating Boot Camp

If you have been dating for a while but find that your efforts are not developing into lasting relationships, chances are you have asked yourself at least one of the following questions:

  • Why isn’t anyone responding to me on my dating sites?
  • Why didn’t they call after we went out?
  • Should I call them or wait for them to call me?
  • Did I say the right things when we first talked?
  • How can I tell if they are interested in me?
  • When do I bring up my “baggage”? I want to be honest about who I am.
  • Am I being too picky? Should I stay with someone who SEEMS like a good partner for me even if I’m not that attracted?
  • Why don’t I get approached like my friends do when we’re out?
  • Why do I always end up dating the same kind of person?
  • I knew my ex wasn’t right for me. Why did I stay so long?
  • Will I ever find someone to settle down with?

If this sounds like you, Dating Boot Camp may be able to help you answer those questions. DBC is not a dating “How-To”. It is a 5-week workshop that offers an in-depth look at personal factors that contribute to or detract from dating success. The group requires a fair amount self-reflection and a willingness to give and receive honest feedback.

Don’t let another year go by without taking definitive action toward achieving your goals. Join us this to get your dating on track and your relationship off the ground!

Enrollment is continuous. I form groups based on age and run whatever group fills first. Contact me for an initial interview.