Dating Boot Camp Update: Week 1

Yesterday afternoon six very courageous daters gathered together committed to begin exploring with each other their relationship patterns, family dynamics and internal belief systems about self and others.  Each participant was active and eager to learn how to improve their chances of finding a fulfilling relationship.

The focus of Week 1 was on first impressions. Upon meeting new people, we all make judgments, both about others as well as about ourselves. It is in our nature to categorize people fairly quickly as a way to gauge relative safety. At the same time, our own insecurities surface as we are aware that others are also categorizing us.

DBC participants were asked to anonymously share their initial impressions of each other, how they would like to be seen and how they thought they presented themselves. The feedback will be compiled and shared in a subsequent group.

Next week, group members will further explore the question of how they are perceived by others as trust begins to develop and the topics of discussion become more personal. Stay tuned…….

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