That’s Got To Be The End, Right?

Ok, so this last snow storm should be it for the season. No, really, I think winter is finally coming to an end. Alright, I may be dreaming but it really isn’t too early to start planning for the warmer weather. Spring is when we all have a collective stretch after a long hibernation and begin to venture outdoors again. We naturally become more active and social in warmer weather. If you are dating, this means there are a lot more natural opportunities to meet people. Are you confident when out in the world, that you are putting yourself out there in a way that might attract a suitable partner? Do you have a hard time finding people you are attracted to? Join fellow daters for an experience that may help you understand why these struggles seem to be chronic. Dating Boot Camp is a 5-week workshop that offers deeper insights into obstacles to dating success. So step away from the glow of, explore your interpersonal dynamic and jump start your relationship life!



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Long Winter Days

It’s that time of year when the excitement and busyness of the holidays seem like a distant memory and the promise of spring is still just out of reach. Unless you have someone to hunker down with to drink hot chocolate and watch a Netflix marathon of your favorite show, feelings of loneliness can creep in making the long days of winter seem even longer. Cold temperatures and wet weather keep us inside more often than not diminishing opportunities to meet new people. If you are dating but not having much luck finding people who seem interesting or interested, perhaps Dating Boot Camp can help. Come together with other daters who are feeling the same way and explore ways to improve your chances of meeting that special someone.

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Happy Valentine’s Day?

Ahhhh, St. Valentine’s Day. A day dedicated solely to the celebration of romantic love. If you are happily nestled in a relationship, today is a day of joy and gratitude. But for many, Valentine’s Day only serves as a reminder of what is missing in their lives. February 14th becomes a dreaded date when every couple in the universe seems to appear to mock the single status of those without a partner. If you are tired of being single but don’t seem to be having any luck connecting with compatible people, Dating Boot Camp might be able to help. What will you be doing on this day next year……?

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Dating Boot Camp Start Date Extended


I am thrilled to be getting such a positive response to the launch of my Dating Boot Camp! I have been hearing from people of all ages who have been struggling on the dating scene. I hope to be able to offer several DBC workshops targeting different age ranges. There are only a couple of spots left for the 26- 35 year-old group so contact me or follow this link to learn more.


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Dating Boot Camp Launches

Dating  Boot Camp coming in March!
For more information see the DBC page here.

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Welcome to my new office and website

In conjunction with the move to my new office on Michigan Avenue, I have given my website a long-overdue facelift. I am adding Supervision and Consultation services and plan to launch my “Dating Boot Camp” workshop in the new year. I also look forward to sharing thoughts and ideas with you through my blog. I hope you enjoy the changes!

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